Monday, July 24, 2017

36 hours in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls; spectacular holiday destination, eh? Not so much - it seems to have been a bit bleak and grotty for Natasha Franks and her family; a dire hotel and a drizzly experience at the falls earned zero stars from our events editor.

36 hours in Hull

Kingston-upon-Hull, or Hull, or ‘ull, as it is widely known by its inhabitants, is a small city on the coast of northeast England. Once one of the most prosperous ports in the world, Hull endured furious bombing during the Second World War. Hull's economy and reputation deteriorated even further not twenty years later because of the collapse of its fishing industry. In 2013, Hull was named the United Kingdom’s “City...
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Zambia calling

Still trying to decide what to do with your summer holiday this year? Volunteer Zambia could be just what you were looking for.

36 hours in Dublin

Not sure where to head for Independant Learning Week? Make sure you check out Samantha Puckorius' 36 hour itinerary of Dublin!
Illustration of a globe
Study abroad students in locations from the US to Hong Kong weigh in on different university experiences around the world.

The road less travelled

Beijing to tehran challenge
Charles Stevens sits down to discuss his Beijing to Tehran challenge with Kenalyn Ang

36 hours in Vienna

Vienna skyline
Planning a trip to Vienna? Emily Lomax has created a 36 hour itinerary to make life a little easier.