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Thursday, November 15, 2018

National secular society conference – a review

On Saturday 22nd September the National Secular Society held a day conference in London. The title of the conference was “Challenging religious privilege in...

Niall McCann: Explorer. Adventurer. Biologist.

Caitlin Hamilton interviews Niall McCann: biologist, explorer, TV presenter and conservationist extraordinaire.

Emergence of new virus concerns health authorities

A novel virus has appeared in Saudi Arabia on the eve of Hajj, a massive pilgrimage to one of the country’s major cities, causing...

An interview with the co-founder of Iris.ai – the world’s first...

Editor-in-chief Olivia Gavoyannis talks to the developers of Iris.ai about the software, and its implications for the future of research and development.

The Northern Lights in St Andrews

How to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from St Andrews, and the science behind the magic and mystery of northern night skies.

Climate change: The degradation of our frozen world

Tangible examples of the effects of climate change on our planet are often hard to come by, but a few recent, isolated events present...

Different artists, same sounds: is our modern music losing originality?

The next time your grandmother complains about how modern music all sounds the same, you should be hard-pressed to argue with her. She is...

Honorary graduate awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Congratulations to Sir Fraser Stoddart who has been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemisty for his work on molecular machines.

Sustainability: They care and you should, too.

Four St Andrews students competed in the nPower Future Leaders Challenge. Lucy James reports.

Extinction: courtesy of Homo sapiens?

While the global investment in conserving the world’s biodiversity is estimated at approximately US$7-10 billion per year, the number of endangered species continues to...