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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Niall McCann: Explorer. Adventurer. Biologist.

Caitlin Hamilton interviews Niall McCann: biologist, explorer, TV presenter and conservationist extraordinaire.

Maximize Your MacBook

The advent of university heralds a fresh start, new experiences, and the formation of lifelong friendships. For many students, beginning university is also synonymous with technological upgrades; students...

Colours in the sand: beach cleans hit St Andrews

Earlier this month, over 3,000 volunteers participated in Surfers Against Sewage’s Autumn Beach Clean at various locations throughout the UK. Over the course of...

The Driving Force of Data: DataFest2018

In an increasingly globalised world, does data drive society? This month, DataFest2018 in Scotland will explore this and the power of data.

Space Elevators: into the realm of sci-fi

Martin George discusses the exciting details about the mind boggling technology and possibilities of a space elevator.

It’s skin deep

Laura Ritchie is 53-year-old diabetic mother of two from Aberdeen. In 2010 low blood sugar caused her to lose consciousness in the bath and...

Brexit and Animal Sentience

Following a recent debate in the House of Commons, The Saint delves into the issue of animal sentience. To answer the question do our pets have feelings or we really just anthropomorphising them?

No Fish, Just Chips

Fish cakes, smoked haddock, battered and fried cod – yes, this is what we British love on our plates. Even non-Brits love the fine...

The Drunken Monkey: Why we love to drink

There is no doubt that humans have a complicated and persisting relationship with alcohol. Scientific forays into why we love the substance are certainly...

National secular society conference – a review

On Saturday 22nd September the National Secular Society held a day conference in London. The title of the conference was “Challenging religious privilege in...