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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pussy riot proves problematic for Putin’s ‘democracy’

In mid-August the controversy surrounding the legitimacy of Pussy Riot’s conviction brought Russia’s already questionable freedom of speech back into the spotlight. Pussy Riot...

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Features editor Emma Freer and deputy features editor Lara Guneri uncover student reactions to the NHS' new policy: charging international students for access to...

Anti-austerity strikes sweep across Europe

A wide outbreak of anti-austerity strikes swept across cities in Europe, such as Madrid and Lisbon, on Wednesday 14 November, as the result of...

Obamacare enrolment deadline sees high sign-up figures

The Affordable Care Act, best known as Obamacare, appears to have overcome controversy during its troubled rollout.

Arab Spring & Wall Street Fall

In my New England boarding school, we had a ‘Free Speech Box’, a wooden-framed 1x2 foot box—with a lock. All content displayed in the...

Sir Menzies Campbell: I will vote ‘No’ to independence

The chancellor of the University of St Andrews explains why the University will do better under the current system.

Seeking Out Truth in Globalised Times

Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon sits down with with St Andrews students from Scotland and the US to ascertain how their perceptions of news differ. Are American and British news sources really that different, is how we get our information integral to how we understand it?

Big shoes to fill

The process is underway to find our new principal 

CO1002: We’ll Cry For You, Argentina

In this article, Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon delves into Argentina's troubled past through the lens our her CO1002 module's study of Argentina writer Antigona Furiosa.

The English Baccalaureate: the end to dumbing down?

On 17th September 2012, Michael Gove announced the educational reforms concerning Key Stage Four examinations. The English Baccalaureate is set to begin in 2015 and...