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Sunday, February 17, 2019

An Issue for Everyone

Features editor Emma Freer speaks with the directors of this year’s St Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference about its theme: migration and displaced peoples

United we stand: St Andrews comes together in the wake of...

    It is a timeline of events that has now become infamous. In the late evening of Friday, 13 November, an escalating catastrophe of chilling...

The student body politic

Photo: Lorelei Pfeffer   Local MP Stephen Gethins sits down with Features editor Emma Freer to discuss his agenda and why students should care about it. Since...

P.U.L.L. out, Bop in for Fridays

A student petition quickly prompted a name change of the Union's new Friday club night. But are we becoming too sensitive for our own good?

From the classroom to the boardroom

The management society’s third annual Women in Business Forum is scheduled for Tuesday. Learn why this event is important for everyone.

Food for thought: controversial scientist opens St Andrews Literary Festival

Professor Richard Dawkins, controversial author and evolutionary biologist known for his books The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion, visited St Andrews on 16...


After a summer at home in Turkey, Lara Guneri reflects on the ways her homeland has changed

Big shoes to fill

The process is underway to find our new principal 

The gift that keeps on giving

The Class Gift committee is ready for a great year

Inside the principal’s office

From 1413 until 1747, the University of St Andrews was comprised of three colleges – St Salvator’s, St Leonard’s and St Mary’s - each...