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Saint Andrews
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Letter to the Rector

Ahead of new rector Catherine Stihler's installation tomorrow, former rector Kevin Dunion shares his tips for the Drag

Who will you vote for?

The rosettes are being proudly worn, the placards are attached to the lampposts, the leaflets are filling up our mailboxes. Yes, you guessed it,...

Al-Qaeda and the ISIS

Maximilian Curtis explains Al Qaeda's disassociation with the ISIS, an active militant group in Syria.

Academic alert: Higher education’s gender gap

Higher education has its own Bermuda triangle, and it needs to be investigated. Professor Frances Andrews from the School of History says: “That horrible triangle that goes from more women at undergraduate to fewer at postgraduate to still fewer at staff – while it’s the opposite for men – is something that needs to be unpicked.”

Arab Spring & Wall Street Fall

In my New England boarding school, we had a ‘Free Speech Box’, a wooden-framed 1x2 foot box—with a lock. All content displayed in the...

A little French treasury secret

In an interview with the London-based New African Magazine last year, Mamadou Koulibaly, former president of the Ivorian National Assembly, and also Finance member...

Russia’s new anti-gay laws stir sharp opinions

In the wake of the Pussy Riot scandal last year, this summer has been marked by growing fears that gay people are increasingly less...

Protests in Ukraine reveal tensions between the EU and Russia

For the past three months, Ukrainians have been on the streets toppling Soviet monuments and firing Molotovs at riot police. The situation involves eastern...

Leymah Gbowee comes to St Andrews

She is the founder and president of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa

Fairer hospitality rights with Claire Baker MSP

In 2017, The Saint published an article based on two months of interviews surrounding the prevalence of sexual harassment in the catering industry of...