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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela

Cyprien Pearson reflects on Nelson Mandela's life and legacy

Conquering the world

In 1982, around 3 per cent of the University’s student body was international. The number now sits closer to 30 per cent. Editor Jonathan Bucks reports on how St Andrews became a melting pot and leading international recruiter

The crisis in Mali

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Algeria on Monday 29 October meeting with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in an attempt to gain...

The Ripple Effect

After 18 days of demonstrations calling for his removal, former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has at last retired to Sharm al-Sheikh, leaving power in...

In conversation with Dr Jasmine Gani

Dr Jasmine Gani joined the School of International Relations (IR) at St Andrews in September 2014. Her current work focuses on IR in the Middle East (particularly Syria) and the impact of colonial legacies on regional politics, society and ideas.

The exhumation of Arafat

Yasir Arafat, revered former Chairman of the Palestinian Liberalization Organization (PLO) and former President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), is somewhat of a...

UK General Election Manifestos: what to look out for?

Deputy features editor Julia Bennett provides a general overview of the UK elections manifestos, and suggests some topics St Andrews students might like to familiarise themselves with.

Cameron’s latest speech divides Europe

The European Union (EU) has become a topic of lively debate following Prime Minister, David Cameron’s speech (23/01/2013) about holding a referendum in the...

P.U.L.L. out, Bop in for Fridays

A student petition quickly prompted a name change of the Union's new Friday club night. But are we becoming too sensitive for our own good?

A Soldier in St Andrews

Features deputy editor Lara Margaret Guneri sits down with former US soldier Jeff Fiorito to discuss his military career. On Tuesday 9 October in the...