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Saint Andrews
Sunday, September 23, 2018

Production or taxation: the future of North Sea oil and gas

Jamie Lewis examines the future of North Sea oil and the claims of the Scottish Government regarding future revenues and courses of action for future oil production

Michael Russell: RUK students would pay tuition fees in an independent...

The Saint hears from Scotland's education secretary, Michael Russell, on Scottish independence

Public Finances in Independent Scotland

Raisa Muhtar reflects on the latest "Transforming Scotland" lecture from Dr Craig Dalzell, on the potential financial circumstances and feasibility of an independent Scotland.

No Alternative Facts: Science in the Era of Fake News

In this article, Deputy Features Editor Tas Vamos explores how our perception of science, objective facts, and universal truths has changed as a result of the constant barrage of fake news.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Features editor Emma Freer and deputy features editor Lara Guneri uncover student reactions to the NHS' new policy: charging international students for access to...

Brexit and the Bubble

Politics, despite popular misconceptions, affects our lives in several ways. A Brexit would have serious repercussions in St Andrews, since both the financial structure...

The Princess and the Pill

Women’s issues have been intermittently eating up great amounts of news time in the United States recently, especially when it comes to reproductive health,...

Nuclear numpties

There have been 32 reported “near misses” of American nuclear devices over American soil. Eric Schlosser, the author of a new (five-week-old) book on...

Busting the myth of the Calais jungle

Two blondes in a small blue car drive into the refugee camp. Is this a new blonde joke? Seeking out the high vis-jacketed volunteers,...

The Final Countdown: the development of Brexit polls and media headlines

The Saint brings you a timeline of significant dates and statistics from both sides of the EU Referendum campaign.