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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Conquering the world

In 1982, around 3 per cent of the University’s student body was international. The number now sits closer to 30 per cent. Editor Jonathan Bucks reports on how St Andrews became a melting pot and leading international recruiter

In conversation with Dr Jasmine Gani

Dr Jasmine Gani joined the School of International Relations (IR) at St Andrews in September 2014. Her current work focuses on IR in the Middle East (particularly Syria) and the impact of colonial legacies on regional politics, society and ideas.

CO1002: We’ll Cry For You, Argentina

In this article, Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon delves into Argentina's troubled past through the lens our her CO1002 module's study of Argentina writer Antigona Furiosa.

No Alternative Facts: Science in the Era of Fake News

In this article, Deputy Features Editor Tas Vamos explores how our perception of science, objective facts, and universal truths has changed as a result of the constant barrage of fake news.

Iran and the Space Monkey

Late last month, Iran announced that their space program successfully sent a monkey into space. Riding the rocket called “Pishgam,” the monkey was sent...

Is South Africa “developed enough”?

Controversy has erupted over the last few weeks as Britain announced that beginning in 2015, all financial aid to South Africa will end. Over...

Production or taxation: the future of North Sea oil and gas

Jamie Lewis examines the future of North Sea oil and the claims of the Scottish Government regarding future revenues and courses of action for future oil production

The crisis in Mali

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Algeria on Monday 29 October meeting with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in an attempt to gain...

“President Kennedy shot dead, Lyndon B Johnson is sworn in,” the...

Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago this month, but controversy, intrigue and mystery still remain

UN to send peacekeepers to the Central African Republic

The Security Council voted unanimously on 10 April to send 12,000 United Nations peacekeepers to the Central African Republic (CAR), which had burst into...