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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The low down on our traditions

St Andrews prides itself on tradition and, over the last 600 years, has certainly accumulated enough of it.

Overseas Series: Mark Edwards

From across the pond in North Carolina, USA, Mark Edwards shares his dramatic initial Study Abroad experiences, from a brand new schedule to hiding from a hurricane.

St Andrews cancer awareness day: “We just wanted to do something”

This week has seen pub quizzes, raffles and ribbon sales in aid of a new organisation supporting families of cancer victims. The organisers talk to The Saint about their plans and what motivated them to get involved

Dating in the Bubble

Sarah John discusses the chance encounters and dashed hopes that make up the unique, St Andrews love-life.

A Blonde’s Eye View

I go and stand on my street corner. Come rain or shine, there I am, offering the punters an enticing, warm smile, even though...

Staying mentally and physically fit

Many freshers come to St Andrews with fully planned timetables and set goals for their first semester. I’ll be honest; I was one of...

The Culinary Delights of St Andrews Halls

Depute Features editor Cate Hanlon delves into catering in St Andrews halls. She provides a comparative look between the catering system at St Andrews and North American counterparts and weighs the pros and cons of a St Andrews meal plan.

A culinary guide to Raisin

Isabel Quattlebaum gives suggestions for the perfect Raisin menu.

Desert island divas

When asked who they would like to be stuck on a desert island with, some people select those with practical wildnerness skills. The urine-drinking...

Having a Ball

Two writers offer their takes on the recent Masquerade Ball. A Blonde’s Eye View By Melissa Steel St Mary’s Quad was an original choice of venue; nowhere...