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Saint Andrews
Monday, April 22, 2019

Where are they now?

Olly Lennard looks at the private lives and career paths of some of your most cherished childhood icons. This week: Scooby & Shaggy.

Knowledge for Sale

Deputy Features Editor Alice Bessonova explores the ethical and moral implications of using 'essay mills' and external companies to write university dissertations

Into the Wild

Adam Boggon takes his body on an adrenaline adventure through the cold and windy Scottish Highlands.

A poem by Sean McLaughlin

A grand door, a homely core, Far from the madding crowd. Cobble galore, a pure shore Ruins, high and proud. Yet high and proud, as the gowns go...

The low down on our traditions

St Andrews prides itself on tradition and, over the last 600 years, has certainly accumulated enough of it.

Taking the fear out of flying

The ‘ding-dong’ of the intercom when the cabin crew communicates with each other does not mean imminent disaster, one of our captains at ‘Flying...

The Royal Family of the 21st century

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a graduate student in possession of a degree from St Andrews must be in want of a...

Niall McCann: Explorer. Adventurer. Biologist.

Caitlin Hamilton interviews Niall McCann: biologist, explorer, TV presenter and conservationist extraordinaire.

Strokes of Incognito: Mexican female painters, past and present

In a 1966 lecture titled “Women and Creativity”, Simone de Beauvoir addressed the issue of gender inequality in the art world. She held that...

William & Kate: The Movie

For students at St Andrews, wedding fever has reached a new heights. Today saw the Channel 5 premier of ‘William and Kate: The Movie’....