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Saint Andrews
Friday, November 16, 2018

UStAAAN launches its second chapter

Never heard of The University of St Andrews Angel Network? Kenalyn Ang finds out more about the organisation and what they are hoping to do for the St Andrews community.

The Saint’s guide to private accommodation

Ellen MacPherson provides tips on how to come out successfully in the hunt for flats

Finding a local volunteer haven at Riding for the Disabled

Deputy print editor Mina Omar takes a look at the inspiring work of the RDA.

Something’s Brewing in St Andrews

Given the multitude of pubs, bars and other purveyors of intoxicating liquor in St Andrews, along with the large number of skiving students willing...

The Saint’s quick guide to private accommodation

Chris Young hits the streets of St Andrews to respond to the most recurrent questions asked by newcomers to the letting market.

The Saint’s alternative Freshers’ Week

The St Andrews Freshers' programme of 2012 promises to provide you with the best possible introduction to student life in the Bubble (see it...

From one bubble to another: a note from Paris

Of course I know the countryside has its merits: birds chirrup, flowers blossom and the occasional animal plods around. But when it came to...

Castle Sands- a permanent closure?

Castle Sands has been a long time favorite hang-out for St. Andrews students. The beach was, until recently, the annual host to the May...

Nibbles & Nails

Considering our small population size, St Andrews seems to have a disproportionately large amount of beauty salons. Each one is all too eager to...

The Saint gets a new look

This year, The Saint has commissioned a new logo from third year IR student Anna Steinmann. The logo depicts the famous east gable of...