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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Castle Sands- a permanent closure?

Castle Sands has been a long time favorite hang-out for St. Andrews students. The beach was, until recently, the annual host to the May...

10 Reasons not to become a GP

1 General practitioners are failed brain surgeons. GPs are doctors, but there are doctors and there are doctors. A top-flight consultant physician to Her...

10 reasons NOT to be a lawyer

1. People don’t like lawyers. Lawyers are not nurses or Salvation Army charity workers. If you decide to pursue a career in the law,...

Raisin Weekend: then and now

The University of St Andrews has only recently finished celebrating its 600th Anniversary.  With such an established University comes a wealth of traditions. Yet, while both...

The Saint’s guide to private accommodation

Ellen MacPherson provides tips on how to come out successfully in the hunt for flats

Niall McCann: Explorer. Adventurer. Biologist.

Caitlin Hamilton interviews Niall McCann: biologist, explorer, TV presenter and conservationist extraordinaire.

University Challenge: St Andrews, Gray!

In almost every era, every institution, every demographic, there are some programs which everybody watches every week, without fail. Dallas, Only Fools and Horses,...

The Saint’s guide to surviving Raisin

Whether you're a parent or child this Raisin Weekend, Caitlin Hamilton has some worthy wisdom to pass on to you. PARENTS Purchase in advance This is the...

Where are they now?

Olly Lennard looks at the private lives and career paths of some of your most cherished childhood icons. This week: Scooby & Shaggy.

Finding a local volunteer haven at Riding for the Disabled

Deputy print editor Mina Omar takes a look at the inspiring work of the RDA.