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Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

Something’s Brewing in St Andrews

Given the multitude of pubs, bars and other purveyors of intoxicating liquor in St Andrews, along with the large number of skiving students willing...

Interpreting Monaco: Tales from a summer job

Deputy print editor Mina Omar sat down with Lewis Fairfax to talk about his job experience, meeting Desmond Tutu, and workplace inspiration

Creature comforts

After tirelessly testing a variety of microwavable recipes, Antonia Wade has compiled a list of snacks that will hopefully brighten up your next revision session

Sweet life in the Bubble: working at Jannettas

Amidst tales of employee walkouts and refused pay, The Saint looks at a happier instance of student employment 

St Andrews Fairtrade contribution

University purchase of fairly traded rice sends children to school in Malawi Written by Sarah Duley, Sustainability Officer, Estates and University Fairtrade Steering Group Chair The...

The ‘not a love marriage’ in southern India

The naked insides of my camera lay on the desk between us. Babu shook his head regretfully, ‘There is nothing to be done Madam.’...

The shop with a Zest for life

Zest is so much more than your average coffee shop; The Saint sits down with the owner, Lisa Cathro, to find out why.

The Princess and the Pill

Women’s issues have been intermittently eating up great amounts of news time in the United States recently, especially when it comes to reproductive health,...

Conquering the world

In 1982, around 3 per cent of the University’s student body was international. The number now sits closer to 30 per cent. Editor Jonathan Bucks reports on how St Andrews became a melting pot and leading international recruiter

Out in St Andrews

The hate mail recently sent to the University’s LGBT society, described as “shocking” and “impossible to not take personally ”, has given rise to...