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Saint Andrews
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Interpreting Monaco: Tales from a summer job

Deputy print editor Mina Omar sat down with Lewis Fairfax to talk about his job experience, meeting Desmond Tutu, and workplace inspiration

Blurred lines: gender norms and nonconformity in the Bubble

  My alma mater, Brighton College, recently introduced a new uniform rule to accommodate transgender students, which made it the first college in the country...

The Hunger Games: Flat hunting season has begun

The Saint talks accommodation with letting agents and students, as the crisis turns in to St Andrews' very own Hunger Games.

Student Cooking: Genevieve Yam’s the best pumpkin pie ever

If there's anything food-wise that can brighten up a gloomy Scottish day and the thought of having to turn in a big, fat essay...

Facebook: the end of privacy?

SAMANTHA GORDINE and SUSANN LANDEFELD investigate the Facebook phenomenon

How to be a Man

1 . Kill and prepare your own food. Take the pheasant I ate only a few days ago; prepared and cooked it myself. Granted,...