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Thursday, February 27, 2020

How to: avoid your relatives on Facebook

1) Don’t accept them as a friend in the first place. Accidently brush your finger over that ‘Ignore’ button and your problems are solved....

Carnival in Cologne

“Kölle Alaaf” – This call originates from the old toast “Cöllen al aff” in the 17th century, meaning “Cologne before everything else,” and can...

To Drive or Not to Drive?

As I sit here and look at my bicycle leaning up against the wall, I am reminded that I am one of a number...

Stand Out from the Crowd

Jobs in marketing, PR and advertising are highly sought-after with their promise of creative and exciting careers. The UK Graduate Careers Survey 2010, conducted...

St Andrews surfers take to the waves in Morocco

Salam wa aleikum! In January, the St Andrews Surf Club organised a surfing trip to Morocco. Along with 16 other keen surfers, we met at...

The Royal Family of the 21st century

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a graduate student in possession of a degree from St Andrews must be in want of a...

Facebook: the end of privacy?

SAMANTHA GORDINE and SUSANN LANDEFELD investigate the Facebook phenomenon

Can a student lifestyle be healthy?

Melissa Steel comments on the experience of healthy student living in St. Andrews

The Food Revolution

Samantha Gordine on why you should love Jamie Oliver just that little bit more

Music Notes

The full interview with Johnny Lynch, only available online!