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Saint Andrews
Monday, September 24, 2018

TEDx St Andrews: Meet the student speakers

Frac to the future – Maureen MacIsaac “When exactitude is elusive, it is better to be approximately right than certifiably wrong.” This caution from mathematician Benoit...

60 years in the wilderness: Sir David Attenborough’s legacy to the...

What David Attenborough loves about natural history, he says, is that it is for everybody: “You can be straightforward and fascinate the 7s and...

Alternative New Year’s resolutions

Struggling to think of achievable New Year's resolutions? Here are five ideas to get you started.

Internship notes

From her law firm desk, Jessica Yin writes on the continued breakdown of race relations across the US Justice System

‘Tis the season: holiday fun in St Andrews

Whether you’re one of the lucky language students who only have one exam or just fancy a break from revision, here are some of...

36 Hours in Istanbul

Overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating a dynamic city? Let a native guide you through

No sleep ’til Brooklyn: IIA invades St Andrews

An interview with Milo Nauseef, founder and designer of the IIA Street Apparel label, and his fellow St Andrews post-grad and head of IIA operations for the town, Maxi Uhlmann

He Loves Me Not

I asked my boyfriend of seven months what he wanted to do on Valentine’s Day. I was told “I don’t want to do...

36 hours in Seattle

Seattle’s unique food, music and culture make it a tourist’s paradise. 36 hours might not be a lot of time, but in this city you can spend that time in almost any way you can imagine. If you’re having trouble deciding if you want to experience the beauty of nature or the hustle and bustle of a big city during your next trip, Seattle is the perfect place for you.

American teaching English in China

To be perfectly honest, I signed up to teach English in China over the summer almost on a whim. I went to a presentation,...