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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Something’s Brewing in St Andrews

Given the multitude of pubs, bars and other purveyors of intoxicating liquor in St Andrews, along with the large number of skiving students willing...

What are the best magazines to subscribe to?

Best for foodies: Spenser. They are currently having a total revamp, but will be back this winter with a new and improved magazine. This...

Winterson’s one-woman show

Laura Ryan reviews Topping & Co's intriguing literary event with Jeanette Winterson

Marie Kondo can stay away from my bookshelf

The ‘Tidying Up’ phenomenon meets its toughest challenge yet: student halls.

36 Hours in Marrakech

36 Hours and Antonia Wade take you to Morocco.

A university degree & the chance of a lifetime

Ananda Rabindranath on his academic adventures

Stand Out from the Crowd

Jobs in marketing, PR and advertising are highly sought-after with their promise of creative and exciting careers. The UK Graduate Careers Survey 2010, conducted...

Pear saffron jam

There was a box of sad, bruised pears on the ground at my local green grocer. They were about to be chucked out and...

More tea, your holiness?

There were many people vying for a much-coveted spot on my fantasy dinner party invite list, however, after much soul-searching I have managed to...

Interning closer to home

In an ideal world, most of us would probably love an internship in a prestigious company or organisation which might, following graduation, lead to...