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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Anonymity sans negativity

Thoughts Around Me, a new app from Kassem Younis, launches on campus

First date: Topics of discussion

First dates can be very tricky business. Awkward silences, weird questions, creepy staring, and severe anxiety are all staple occurrences. To be perfectly honest,...

American Beauty?

American Apparel is selling a dream; a sweaty, harshly lit dream of lithe women in thigh-high socks and little else, if you look at...

Christmas with The Saint – The Sweded Edition

I could tell you all about my Christmas celebrations, but since I don’t really know most of the people reading this, I feel it...

The FoMO phenomenon and how to fight it

Sometimes social media makes it hard not to compare your holiday experience with your friends', so the ASC has come up with some top tips for a FoMO-free summer.

The Choice to Donate

Your own death is not something that most people like to prepare for in advance. What happens after life ends is debatable, but whatever...

Cape Town: the ultimate summer internship

Whether for honest interest, consuming passion, or simple resumé building, we’ve heard it all before: internships for students. Like the many before me, this...

American Thanksgiving widely celebrated

With so many here celebrating Thanksgiving, many non-Americans are asking: what is Thanksgiving?

Finding a local volunteer haven at Riding for the Disabled

Deputy print editor Mina Omar takes a look at the inspiring work of the RDA.

Kum dine with me: Courgette Loaf Cake

So today is bright, sunny, and my recent essay was handed in yesterday. So in a state of relative freedom I am about to...