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Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

I’ll have what’s she’s having: a first date guide

Supposedly, St. Andrews is where love flourishes, and where does love better flourish but at a setting with food and candles. The authors of...

An insight into life on the street in Nepal

Huddling in a circle with four individuals, ranging from the ages of three to early twenties, I spoke with a group of friends known...

36 hours in St Andrews

Whether entertaining a visitor for the weekend or staying in the Bubble for Independent Learning Week, there are many things that to do to in St Andrews in 36 hours.

The St Andrews Odyssey

Deputy features editor Lara Guneri reports on the commuter student experience

Breaking the silence: An introduction to St Andrews’ Quaker community

    Many rooms are quiet at 10:30 on a Sunday morning in a university town. A hush falls over St Andrews from around 3am, disturbed...

University traditions: How does St Andrews stack up?

We all know that the University of St Andrews takes the cake for the best university traditions. Nothing can rival our beloved Raisin Weekend...

Space to study?

Our student body is growing, but the library is not; George King considers the alternative options 

American invasion

Will the arrival of a new fraternity compromise campus culture at St Andrews? Deputy Features editor Lara Guneri reports.

Through the lens: How two St Andrews graduates made the transition...

St Andrews graduates Ms Ulman and Mr Moodie return to St Andrews to stage a new film and talk to The Saint about life and careers beyond the Bubble.

Teaching English in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a little-known country in central Asia, which a few people may know from its 2005 Tulip Revolution. For the rest of us,...