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Need help? Just ASC!

Feeling overwhelmed or need some advice? Student Services is here to help, no matter what challenge you are facing.

The shop with a Zest for life

Zest is so much more than your average coffee shop; The Saint sits down with the owner, Lisa Cathro, to find out why.

Freshers, keep calm and carry on

Carla Van Der Sluijs shares her top tips for coping with the first semester of your university career.

Seize the last days of summer

The holidays are almost over, so Sarah Carson has collaborated with the ASC to give you some suggestions for how to make the most of August.

Chin chin: a student’s guide to holiday tipples

Confused as to what beverage should be at the top of your list this summer? Arnot Birss has some suggestions.

The FoMO phenomenon and how to fight it

Sometimes social media makes it hard not to compare your holiday experience with your friends', so the ASC has come up with some top tips for a FoMO-free summer.

Death of a Bake Sale: a reflection on the rise of...

Will Abell explores the reasoning behind the extreme challenges that have become the norm in raising money for charity.

Five tips to make exams (a little) easier

Bianca Moreno-Paz shares her go-to tricks for chilling out during stressful periods.

Great expectations: should university really be the time of our lives?

Sarah McDonagh explores whether our university years are among our defining ones, with the help of some soon-to-be graduates.

Has the Bubble burst?

The spread of media has been seen by some to have destroyed geographical boundaries, meaning that we are never disconnected from what is happening...