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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A fresher’s first Raisin

Sophia Berenato writes about her first ever Raisin experience

Staying mentally and physically fit

Many freshers come to St Andrews with fully planned timetables and set goals for their first semester. I’ll be honest; I was one of...

The tipping point: an exploration of St Andrew’s drinking culture

From dawn until dusk drinking on Raisin Sunday to a singular pablo in the Union, Emily Lomax offers an insight into the drinking culture of St Andrews.

Academic vs Greek families

At face value, it is impossible to compare the famous fraternity and sorority organisations in the US with our academic families here at St....

A look inside the St Andrews Career Centre

The Saint takes a look at what the Careers Centre can do for you

Cape Town: the ultimate summer internship

Whether for honest interest, consuming passion, or simple resumé building, we’ve heard it all before: internships for students. Like the many before me, this...

Sweet life in the Bubble: working at Jannettas

Amidst tales of employee walkouts and refused pay, The Saint looks at a happier instance of student employment 

The life of a married student

Your granny constantly asks whether you have met your own prince yet, you feel surrounded by deliriously happy couples strolling hand-in-hand on Market Street,...

American invasion

Will the arrival of a new fraternity compromise campus culture at St Andrews? Deputy Features editor Lara Guneri reports.

The best places to visit with guests in St Andrews

We’ve all begged our friends and relatives to come visit St Andrews so they can see for themselves where our obsession comes from. Living here everyday, we...