Monday, July 24, 2017
From dawn until dusk drinking on Raisin Sunday to a singular pablo in the Union, Emily Lomax offers an insight into the drinking culture of St Andrews.

Does meat deserve the cut?

Considering becoming a vegetarian or vegan? It could be the most healthy and most environmentally-friendly step to take.
A second year's eight tips and tricks to avoid that first year jiggle.
St Andrews graduates Ms Ulman and Mr Moodie return to St Andrews to stage a new film and talk to The Saint about life and careers beyond the Bubble.
Want to make the most of your time at St Andrews? Kait Macdonald has compiled a list of all the things that you need to do before you graduate.

36 hours in St Andrews

Whether entertaining a visitor for the weekend or staying in the Bubble for Independent Learning Week, there are many things that to do to in St Andrews in 36 hours.

Need help? Just ASC!

Illustration of group of friends
Feeling overwhelmed or need some advice? Student Services is here to help, no matter what challenge you are facing.
photo of coffee shop table
Zest is so much more than your average coffee shop; The Saint sits down with the owner, Lisa Cathro, to find out why.
Carla Van Der Sluijs shares her top tips for coping with the first semester of your university career.
The holidays are almost over, so Sarah Carson has collaborated with the ASC to give you some suggestions for how to make the most of August.