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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The gift that keeps on giving

The Class Gift committee is ready for a great year

Kate Kennedy Procession: A behind the scenes preview

The Saint gets the inside scoop on the Kate Kennedy Procession, taking place Saturday 13 April at 14:00. Ted Haxby, last year’s Kate and...

Live from St Andrews

English lecturer Dr Peter Mackay is named BBC 'broadcaster of the future'

Interview with our Rector

The Saint speaks to Alistair Moffat, Rector, and Chloe Hill, Rector's Assessor, about everything from 1960s politics to student issues in St Andrews today.

Sir Menzies Campbell: I will vote ‘No’ to independence

The chancellor of the University of St Andrews explains why the University will do better under the current system.

An exclusive interview with Murray Grigor

Murray Grigor talks exclusively with The Saint about Ever to Excel, his student days at St Andrews, and of his friend, Sean. (Read Sean's story...

An interview with the Fellowship of St Andrews

The Saint gets the inside scoop on the newly-formed Fellowship of St. Andrews, a non-profit organization wholeheartedly dedicated to the Bubble and everyone in...

Astronaut Duane Carey touches down in St Andrews

On 21 September, St Andrews was lucky enough to play host to former NASA astronaut and all-around inspiring guy Duane Carey. Here to speak...

Anonymity sans negativity

Thoughts Around Me, a new app from Kassem Younis, launches on campus

In character: an interview with Patricia Stephenson

You may recognize Patricia’s name from her very popular posts on the Overhead in St Andrews Facebook page, where she has been posting colourful letters to her beloved grandson,...