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Saint Andrews
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Michael Russell: RUK students would pay tuition fees in an independent...

The Saint hears from Scotland's education secretary, Michael Russell, on Scottish independence

Winterson’s one-woman show

Laura Ryan reviews Topping & Co's intriguing literary event with Jeanette Winterson

An exclusive interview with Murray Grigor

Murray Grigor talks exclusively with The Saint about Ever to Excel, his student days at St Andrews, and of his friend, Sean. (Read Sean's story...

The Hunger Games: Flat hunting season has begun

The Saint talks accommodation with letting agents and students, as the crisis turns in to St Andrews' very own Hunger Games.

Live from St Andrews

English lecturer Dr Peter Mackay is named BBC 'broadcaster of the future'

Academic alert: Higher education’s gender gap

Higher education has its own Bermuda triangle, and it needs to be investigated. Professor Frances Andrews from the School of History says: “That horrible triangle that goes from more women at undergraduate to fewer at postgraduate to still fewer at staff – while it’s the opposite for men – is something that needs to be unpicked.”

£100,000 and counting with the Charities Campaign

Most students in St Andrews probably know the Charities Campaign as “those people who do Race2, right?” but over the last week, The Saint...