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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Meet Katherine Skeels, Nightline’s publicity officer

The Saint: How did you get involved with Nightline? Katherine Skeels: I got involved in my first year. During Freshers Fayre, I came up on...

Winterson’s one-woman show

Laura Ryan reviews Topping & Co's intriguing literary event with Jeanette Winterson

Former principal Brian Lang: Scottish independence would mean a “slow decline”...

Dr Brian Lang, a former principal of the University of St Andrews, explains why he believes St Andrews would suffer in the event of a Yes vote

“Huge improvements have been made over the last few years to...

Ewan McCubbin, assistant director of the library, speaks to The Saint about library improvements, fines, opening hours, branding and marketing

Interview: Louise Richardson on the 600th Celebrations

Last Monday I sat down to chat with our Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Louise Richardson, about more or less everything St Andrews. We talked...

Web Exclusive: Interview with Occupy Wall Street Activist Yotam Moram

1. What is the organizational infrastructure of OWS? Do you think the massive expansion of OWS movements all over the world can lead to...

Green Week 2012 preview

The Saint's catches up with this year's colourful Environment and Ethics officer for the SRC, Nathan Ruby.