Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Robert Fleming, the University of St Andrews’ director of development, talks to The Saint about the challenges of fundraising, successes of the 600th, and what his busy schedule looks like
Laura Ryan reviews Topping & Co's intriguing literary event with Jeanette Winterson

Life as a Lecturer

How much do you know about the people you learn from? Fellow student Catriona Aitken sits down with a teaching fellow from the School of Classics to discuss a day in the life of a lecturer.
Dr Jasmine Gani joined the School of International Relations (IR) at St Andrews in September 2014. Her current work focuses on IR in the Middle East (particularly Syria) and the impact of colonial legacies on regional politics, society and ideas.
I sat in the office of our University’s Director of Communications, clutching my mug of tea and enjoying the sea view over the spectacular West Sands.  Over the loudspeaker I could hear the dialling tones as our long-distance call was put through.  A few crackles later and the phone sprung to life.  Before I could compose myself or gather...

Live from St Andrews

English lecturer Dr Peter Mackay is named BBC 'broadcaster of the future'
St Andrews’ Wardlaw professor of modern history, Colin Kidd, talks to The Saint about the possible effects of Scottish independence on the University and the way the campaign has been fought
The Saint gets the inside scoop on the Kate Kennedy Procession, taking place Saturday 13 April at 14:00. Ted Haxby, last year’s Kate and this year’s Marshall of the Procession, gives us a look at what it’s like to be behind the scenes of one of the oldest traditions at our University. I walked into the Stewart Room in Younger...
St Andrews Cancer Awareness raffle
This week has seen pub quizzes, raffles and ribbon sales in aid of a new organisation supporting families of cancer victims. The organisers talk to The Saint about their plans and what motivated them to get involved
Deputy features editor Lara Guneri reports on the commuter student experience