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Saint Andrews
Monday, January 21, 2019

RASA: Supporting Scotland’s Refugees

Deputy features editor Siobhan Ali discusses the recent campaign calling on the university to introduce a Refugee Scholarship, and other projects a group of students are undertaking in their strive for inclusivity.

Knowledge for Sale

Deputy Features Editor Alice Bessonova explores the ethical and moral implications of using 'essay mills' and external companies to write university dissertations

Let it Burn: an Ode to the Bonfire

Deputy Features Editor Angus Neale explores the origins of Guy Fawkes Night, the traditions associated with it and how it is practiced in modern societies

Overseas Series: Josefina Kurfurstova

4th year IR student, Josefina Kurfurstova, reflects upon the highs and lows of her erasmus placement, from the fantastic international community to the blockading of the university. Revealing why Paris took her heart.

St Andrews in 50

Ever wonder what half a century would do to our precious bubble? Alice Bessonova offers her predictions for St Andrews in fifty years: the good and the bad!

The moral complexities of the self-driving car

Imagine you are a self-driving car. You hit a bump in the road that your many sensors couldn’t predict, causing you to veer off...

Stepping On The Beach

St Andrews' beaches are known for their beauty and charm. Deputy Features Editor Angus Neale takes on a seaside stroll of St Andrews history and tourism.

St Andrews’ Earth Year

Deputy Features Editor Catriona Aitken chats with Anya Kaufman, a Sustainability Intern working at the University of St Andrew's Environment team, to discuss the university's commitment towards combatting pollution.

The Combini Concept

Features Editor Kenalyn Ang chronicles the creation of the beloved St Andrews restaurant Combini.Co, interviewing the driven pair of students who turned their concept into a reality.

Spoiled: The Full Treatment

Isabella Isett writes about her experience at Spoiled, a hair salon in St Andrews