11.3 C
Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

Star Ball

The annual collaboration between Astro Soc, SUMS and Quantum Soc took place in the Scores Hotel last Wednesday. Last year, a friend convinced me...

600 Minutes of Swing

Swing Dance Society has been working hard this semester to promote its largest event, 600 Minutes of Swing. In the lead up, I managed...

EXCLUSIVE: Mermaids Christmas Ball

The Saint exclusively reveals details of this year's Christmas Ball

St Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference – Nationalism in the New Era

It was a fitting venue for a conference on Scottish Nationalism: Parliament Hall, where the Scottish Parliament convened during the plague in Edinburgh from...

May Ball ticket sales: no more need to queue!

Many students remember long nights spent queueing in the cold and the rain, often for upwards of 10 hours, for the chance at purchasing...

100th BMS Ball

The renown Bute Medical Society celebrates it's 100th year in classic St Andrews style, prepare for the Ball

The experimental genius of TEA

Natasha Franks goes behind-the-scenes with the creators of TEA, the new face of St Andrews' nightlife.

Would this house abolish the monarchy?

Jamie Rodney recaps the UDS's most highly-charged debate yet.

FS wows once again, ‘Insomnia’ falls short

"It cannot be denied that FS did pull out all the stops this year"