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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Weekend round-up

Friday kicks off what looks to be a hectic weekend of balls, concerts and general Bubble merriment, so here's where we'll be heading to...

Do you even flip bro?

Antonia Ward previews The Canadian Club's 'Annual Flip Cup Tourney'

Freshers’ Week 2014: Scouting For Girls

Announced as the headliners of Freshers' 2014, the indie band Scouting For Girls are set to arrive in St Andrews on Thursday 11 September

DRAG Walk 2016: RAG’s glistening jewel

As February approaches, Saints LGBT prepares itself for a mammoth week of celebrating all things rainbow. An official subcommittee of the Students’ Association, the...

Drag Walk: fourth time’s a charm

George Wilder reviews DRAG Walk 2017.

An experiential review of the Medieval Lammas Market

Alex Taylor takes a look at the historical St Andrews funfair and talks to the people who make it run year after year.

The top eight things to do in weeks one and two

Secret Garden Party Little is known about the Lumsden Club’s inaugural September event, the Secret Garden Party, except that it’s being held at the Craigsanquhar...

Label Launch party: “come as you are”

"Inclusivity was the theme of the night": Natasha Franks reviews last week's Label launch party.

Pennies from Heaven

Jazzworks began the night with a lively set. Often working with Swing Dance Society, this is a collaborative group of musicians from throughout the...

Halloween: the best of St Andrean nightlife

Natasha Franks summarises last weekend’s festivities and gives a look into how we celebrate Halloween