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Saint Andrews
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Label Fashion Show strives to make its mark

St Andrews’ latest catwalk experience brings something new and uniquely inclusive to the runway

Shining our way from Glitterball to home

Crowds of people flocking to the Old Course caked in glitter eyeshadow, hair enriched with sparkles and layers upon layers of sequins can only...

Opening Ball raises the bar

Natasha Franks reviews the Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball.

Classic meets classy at The Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball

Natasha Franks previews Opening Ball, the first black tie event of the year.

Recounting Raisin Revenge

Second year Elischke de Villiers recaps her recent Raisin Revenge.

Fashion shows of 2016: The Saint’s ranking

As London comes alive with passels of models, designers and aspiring journalists, the St Andrews sartorial scene takes noticeable strides to emulate the legendary...

BINDI: Sanskriti x Sitara*: A night of delight and cultural fusion!

With many St Andrews students originating from all corners of the globe, cultural and ethnic diversity is one of our University's most fantastic features....

A night at the Vic aids the community

Natasha Franks follows up with Storehouse, the recipient of Harvest Throwback's food drive.

House of Horror brings the spooky thrills

Sarah John reviews House of Horror 2016.

The Saint’s Top 8

The Saint presents our pick of the best events of the next two weeks.