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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Masquerade Ball: “a glamorous, cinderella-esque event”

Re-live last Saturday's masquerade ball with Airashi Dutta's recap of the event.

Tedx Speaker Launch 2016: a “classy affair”

Brianna Paterson reviews the highly anticipated Tedx speaker launch and gives a taste of what to expect at the event in April.

Glitterball, ‘fabulous’ in every aspect

Despite the chaos of end of semester deadlines and elections in St Andrews, Jacob Williams reports back on the hit event of the season that managed to eclipse all else, Glitterball 2015....

JSOC’s first annual ball is a success

Georgia Davies reviews the first JSOC Ball.

Welly Ball: Is Bigger Always Better?

‘So it’s a ball?’   ‘Yes’   ‘Another one?’   ‘Yes’   ‘But with Wellies?’   ‘Yes’   With this I had reduced yet another of my home friends to dazed confusion over the events culture...

Space Out Review

Joe Colleyshaw recalls Russian Soc’s spacemen, vodka and electro beats.

Nobel Ball: another dynamite night

Natasha Franks review Nobel Ball, the Scandinavian Society's annual event.

SITARA* stuns in glorious technicolour

Sitara* stunned on Friday night with an explosion of colour, creativity, zest, and zeal, like no other fashion show St Andrews has seen...