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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The 2016 Charity Polo Tournament didn’t horse around

After an impressive 2015 tournament, the polo team upped their game for another stellar year

Reeling Ball

Our very own sport editor Andrew McQuillan takes on the annual white tie Reeling Ball. He had a reely good time, but what did you think?

St Andrews Got Talent

Let’s be honest – there’s little else more hit-or-miss than a talent show. It is a gargantuan pain in the ass to organise, precisely...

Hypocrisy, greed and corruption: a St Andrews story

Natasha Franks writes about the hypocrisy of attending events you claim are corrupt.

Freshers’ Week reviewed

The Saint reviews various events of Freshers' Week, from the Union's lineup to society launches.

Bursting the Bubble: The Kooks

As mentioned in my last column, leaving the bubble is always a terribly challenging endeavour and therefore frequently needs to be planned months in...

Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball: outdated?

"A typical KKC event": Kristen Tsubota reviews this year's May Ball.

Club 601: “the Union has done the impossible”

Jean Summers reviews the Union's new club, "601".

When bubbles burst: the world outside St Andrews

Natasha Franks examines the events hosted by our contemporaries, from the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show to Oxford’s White Tie Polo Ball.

A Little Party Never killed Nobody

Last Thursday night, the Vic played host to ‘A Little Party Never killed Nobody’. This Gatsby-themed party aimed to channel the spirit of the...