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Saint Andrews
Thursday, April 18, 2019

“You can’t sit with us”: a story of exclusivity

Elischke de Villiers discusses invitation-only tickets, "random" table ballots, and VVIP seating.

Victory for the Charities Campaign

Brianna Paterson lets us in on the Charities Campaign's recent honour.

602 Ball: “A cracking night!”

The Saint gives a review of 602 Ball's successes and shortcomings.

The Other Guys: Naughty, Nice, and Absolutely Brilliant

From traditional Christmas carols to silly songs about messing up Christmas songs and other shenanigans the Other Guys’ Naughty or Nice Concert was a...

Get your secret on!

First stop at Secret St Andrews was, of course, the bar for a much-anticipated 'Secret Cocktail'. As usual, Charities Campaign and Rascals didn't disappoint!...

May Ball: another glorious year

Natasha Franks reviews May Ball 2017.

Till Death Do Them Part: A Night to Forget?

As one of their first big events of the term, the Fine Food and Dining society of St Andrews hosted a dinner party at...

Wine and Cheese: decadence, pretence or delight?

Are wine and cheese events, balls and fashion shows a contemptuous excuse to play make-believe?

On The Rocks’ Music Cafés end on a high note

Essentially acting as a talent agency for student artists, Music is Love is no stranger to collaborations. A long-standing partner of Under Canvas and...

Body confidence takes centre stage at Label 2018

Last Friday in the Rufflets Hotel just outside of St Andrews a select few were privy to one of the most beautiful and iconic...