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Saint Andrews
Monday, September 24, 2018

Opening Ball 2013

Everyone knows that the KKC know how to throw a party. It's just a shame that their presence tends to ruin it

HeforShe: raising the game in the fight for gender equality

This week saw the launching of a new and interesting society called HeforShe. Made famous by Emma Watson, this movement has been growing more...

ELAGA 2018: A Lesson for St Andrews

Life is full of disappointments, something that I know all too well. From a young age I was led to believe that Bombay Sapphire,...

Football steals the show with Can’t Walk 2017

Caitlin Lewis reviews Can't Walk 2017, the annual men's football club fashion show, which once again stole the show.

Polo 2017: buses, Bouvet and Blackhorn

Natasha Franks reviews the 2017 Charity Polo Tournament.

SITARA* stuns in glorious technicolour

Sitara* stunned on Friday night with an explosion of colour, creativity, zest, and zeal, like no other fashion show St Andrews has seen...

Catwalk 2018: a great night for a greater cause

Last Saturday the long awaited Catwalk Fashion Show came to 601, bringing with it a plethora of diverse fashion brands as well as support...

Bacchanalia Reimagined thaws deadline blues

The sight of slightly inebriated revellers in full black tie battling through the cold is not unfamiliar in St Andrews. However, this time they...

St Andrews’ newest film society gets off to a promising start

The Reel Film Society showed two silent films at the first of its biweekly screenings

Under Canvas does not disappoint!

"A refreshing alternative to St Andrean events": Kelly Satchell reviews Under Canvas.