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Saint Andrews
Friday, September 21, 2018

JSOC Ball: ‘The best value ball this university has to offer’

L’Chaim to Jewish Society on another great ball. What began last year as the first Jewish Society Ball in St Andrews has become an...

Catwalk 2018: a great night for a greater cause

Last Saturday the long awaited Catwalk Fashion Show came to 601, bringing with it a plethora of diverse fashion brands as well as support...

St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament: the event of the year?

Staley Sharples reviews one of the year's most anticipated and successful events.

DRA Ball: Arabian Nights

The first thing that one noticed upon entrance to DRA’s Arabian Nights ball was a sumptuously decorated tent. The organisers had really tried with...

Champar Society: champagne for the…pain?

The Saint gives an exclusive look into Champar's event: "a night to forget, if not already-forgotten"

Wine and Cheese: decadence, pretence or delight?

Are wine and cheese events, balls and fashion shows a contemptuous excuse to play make-believe?

Bacchanalia Reimagined thaws deadline blues

The sight of slightly inebriated revellers in full black tie battling through the cold is not unfamiliar in St Andrews. However, this time they...

The Other Guys: Naughty, Nice, and Absolutely Brilliant

From traditional Christmas carols to silly songs about messing up Christmas songs and other shenanigans the Other Guys’ Naughty or Nice Concert was a...

Sitara Model Launch showcases the ‘Fashion of the Future’

I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be walking into when I heard about the Sitara Model Launch. All I had heard about the...

Management ft. Alexander McQueen

Sarah John recaps the Management Society's latest speaker event.