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Saint Andrews
Friday, January 18, 2019

International Festival

The first things you notice about the International Festival, held in Agnes Blackadder Hall’s common room, were the smells. From empanadas to brigadeiros, from...

Freshers’ Week reviewed

The Saint reviews various events of Freshers' Week, from the Union's lineup to society launches.


This was going to be the highlight of my weekend, it really was. I wanted so badly to enjoy this ball, but it was...

Halloween: the best of St Andrean nightlife

Natasha Franks summarises last weekend’s festivities and gives a look into how we celebrate Halloween

Chinese Lunar New Year: A night of fun and cultural immersion

A collaborative event hosted by the Chinese Hongpao Society and Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) St Andrews, this year’s edition of the Chinese...

Women in Action: The Exhibition

Kathryn Nielsen reviews The Girl Effect and Love146's photography exhibition.

Welcome to the Bubble

A seamless and successful start to Freshers' Week; Helen Formoso-Murias reviews the Union's opening night

Flavours of Malaysia

St Andrews Malaysian International Group’s third annual sell-out event saw a line of buffet trays that stretched from the top of the hall to...

Champar Society: champagne for the…pain?

The Saint gives an exclusive look into Champar's event: "a night to forget, if not already-forgotten"

Under Canvas

I have two confessions to make: I've never been to a festival, and I don’t "get" music. I'm awful with artists and lyrics and genres, so this makes...