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Saint Andrews
Sunday, September 23, 2018

St Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference – Nationalism in the New Era

It was a fitting venue for a conference on Scottish Nationalism: Parliament Hall, where the Scottish Parliament convened during the plague in Edinburgh from...

Close Encounters Conference – Kony 2012

This year's RAI Undergraduate Conference has attracted university students from all over the country, including Aberdeen and UCL, to visit St Andrews. Kicking off Close...

A Little Party Never killed Nobody

Last Thursday night, the Vic played host to ‘A Little Party Never killed Nobody’. This Gatsby-themed party aimed to channel the spirit of the...

Women in Business inspires, empowers

Sarah John reviews the annual Women in Business Forum.

Would this house abolish the monarchy?

Jamie Rodney recaps the UDS's most highly-charged debate yet.

Refreshers’: successful without Venue 1

The Union reminded us all what if felt like to be a Fresher with their hit lineup of Refreshers' 2015. See how the Union fared the second time around in the Candlemas semester

A cappella concert vs Ian Dee

Every week we’ll put two events head to head. This week, the a cappella concert and Ian Dee: Hypnotist

FS wows once again, ‘Insomnia’ falls short

"It cannot be denied that FS did pull out all the stops this year"