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Saint Andrews
Friday, September 21, 2018

602 Ball: “A cracking night!”

The Saint gives a review of 602 Ball's successes and shortcomings.

Fine Food Fayre

It was the free nibbles, handed out by the friendly Fine Food and Dining Society committee in purple aprons at the entrance, that did...

Under Canvas

I have two confessions to make: I've never been to a festival, and I don’t "get" music. I'm awful with artists and lyrics and genres, so this makes...

What it was like to Join The HYPE

St Andrews' latest event Join The HYPE takes over The Lizard...

Music is Love On The Rocks opening flops

On The Rocks’ Launch Party proves to be quite the disappointment, despite its talented line-up


Tierney Riordan reviews the first fashion show of the year

On The Rocks’ Music Cafés end on a high note

Essentially acting as a talent agency for student artists, Music is Love is no stranger to collaborations. A long-standing partner of Under Canvas and...

Refreshers’: successful without Venue 1

The Union reminded us all what if felt like to be a Fresher with their hit lineup of Refreshers' 2015. See how the Union fared the second time around in the Candlemas semester