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Saint Andrews
Friday, January 18, 2019

The Secret Garden Party: ‘Out of a fairy-tale’

Airashi Duratta reviews The Lumsden Club's Fairytale esque second annual Secret Garden Party and finds it to be a great success.

This House would back Assad

Jamie Rodney recaps the UDS's unusually serious debate.

Would this house abolish the monarchy?

Jamie Rodney recaps the UDS's most highly-charged debate yet.

Under Canvas does not disappoint!

"A refreshing alternative to St Andrean events": Kelly Satchell reviews Under Canvas.

Sinners review: a worrying culture

The Saint reveals the troubling truth behind Sinners

St Andrews Got Talent

The planning for RAG Week goes back a long way, and the preparations for this event in particular started in November. Contestants were invited...

Christmas Ball

So you've seen the verdict on Nobel Ball and 600th Ball, but now The Saint takes on Christmas Ball!

Review of the St Andrews Africa Summit 2017

Elischke de Villiers reviews SAASUM 2017.

Clan Warfare – Review

One of the most eagerly anticipated events of any semester beginning in St Andrews, Clan Warfare on Friday did not disappoint. How could it...

dont walk triumphs

I sometimes wonder if I will ever be an adult. At twenty-one people insist that I’ve left the peculiar world of childhood and adolescence...