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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

JSOC Ball: ‘The best value ball this university has to offer’

L’Chaim to Jewish Society on another great ball. What began last year as the first Jewish Society Ball in St Andrews has become an...

International Festival

The first things you notice about the International Festival, held in Agnes Blackadder Hall’s common room, were the smells. From empanadas to brigadeiros, from...

Day-drinking with Luvians

I’m all for any excuse for day drinking, and so Luvians 20th Anniversary wine fair seemed like the perfect event for me to attend....

What it was like to Join The HYPE

St Andrews' latest event Join The HYPE takes over The Lizard...

Sold: putting a face on modern slavery victims

A look back at a harrowing film.

Hypocrisy, greed and corruption: a St Andrews story

Natasha Franks writes about the hypocrisy of attending events you claim are corrupt.

Flavours of Malaysia

St Andrews Malaysian International Group’s third annual sell-out event saw a line of buffet trays that stretched from the top of the hall to...

dRAG Walk 2016: “A host of talent unlike any other”

On the penultimate night of RAG Week, Club 601 opened its doors to a host of talent unlike any other. Led by the larger-than-life...

Opening Ball 2014: The Review

Is there anything those KK boys can't do?

Opening Ball raises the bar

Natasha Franks reviews the Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball.