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Friday, April 26, 2019

JSOC’s first annual ball is a success

Georgia Davies reviews the first JSOC Ball.

Reeling Ball

Our very own sport editor Andrew McQuillan takes on the annual white tie Reeling Ball. He had a reely good time, but what did you think?

Champar Society: champagne for the…pain?

The Saint gives an exclusive look into Champar's event: "a night to forget, if not already-forgotten"

Opening Ball: Kate Kennedy Club stuns returner and Fresher alike

The Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball signified another sensational start to the year. Ostentatious as ever, this year’s ball exceeded all expectations, and was host...

Hot Dub Time Machine gets revellers hot and sweaty

Roisin Wherry gives her views on what one student described as "the best night in the Union that'd they'd ever had"...

UBUNTU 2018: ‘A Cultural Masterpiece’

On the Saturday 10 February 2018 the St Andrews Afro Caribbean Society hosted a cultural masterpiece of a showcase on the (somewhat) famed 601 stage....

One last hurrah: Grad Ball 2014

Alison Hutchison reviews Grad Ball 2014 as the fourth years prepare to burst the Bubble...

JSOC Ball: ‘The best value ball this university has to offer’

L’Chaim to Jewish Society on another great ball. What began last year as the first Jewish Society Ball in St Andrews has become an...

Opening Ball 2013

Everyone knows that the KKC know how to throw a party. It's just a shame that their presence tends to ruin it

DONT WALK 2016 reviewed: an unparalleled performance

DONT WALK as an organisation tends to elicit strong feelings from a majority of the St Andrews student population. Whether they be positive or...