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Thursday, February 21, 2019

This House Would Live Fast and Die Young

Welcome to our newest column, “This House Believes...” If you missed the lively weekly exchanges from the Union Debating Society (UDS) or are keen...

‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Kinkell: DRA Ball 2015

After being promised a fanciful evening in Kinkell unlike no other, Tierney Riordan recounts how the faerie fete of DRA Ball stacked up...

Bute Revue 2014

Think medics don't know how to have fun? Think again...

Black History Month: Honouring the past, inspiring the future

An event to “create a platform to share issues and experiences that do exist around black and ethnic minorities in the UK and to bring them to the fore”

Powercuts and pouring rain: Bongo Ball 2014

Lorna Keegan shares her views on why her favourite event in St Andrews may have run out of steam…

St Andrews Ball Reviewed

In its second year, the St Andrews Ball hosted by The Fellowship promised a night of fun and fancy. Jacob Williams reviews.

Tedx Speaker Launch 2016: a “classy affair”

Brianna Paterson reviews the highly anticipated Tedx speaker launch and gives a taste of what to expect at the event in April.

Coexistence Conference a Hit

The Conflict and Coexistence Conference showcases the very best of the St. Andrews community: Nora Stai reviews the Coexistence Initiative's hit-conference.

Bacchanalia: an evening of debauched culture

Nobody quite knew what the elusive Bacchanalia would be like, but plenty rocked up at Younger Hall on Friday to see what happens when...

White Tie Reeling Ball raises the bar

Natasha Franks reviews this semester's white tie reeling ball.