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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Saint’s Top 8

With only a month left before revision, The Saint gives you a few top things to do in the next couple of weeks

Sitara* 2017 promises to be a colourful night

Do not put away those stilettos and champagne flutes yet, St Andrews. Just when you thought fashion show season was at a close, with...

Under Canvas set to be a feast for music lovers

Many events endeavour to emulate the world outside of St Andrews. Our Oktoberfest rivals the Munich-based affair as a celebration of beer and German...

The top eight things to do in weeks one and two

Secret Garden Party Little is known about the Lumsden Club’s inaugural September event, the Secret Garden Party, except that it’s being held at the Craigsanquhar...

Freshers’ Week 2014: Ceilidh!

What can you look forward to from the fifth night of Freshers’ 2014?

The Other Guys: Carols Not From King’s

The Saint gives an exclusive look into The Other Guys' upcoming Christmas Concert and future becomings.

The Ambassadors Ball

The Ambassadors Ball is the latest in the 600th anniversary events calendar. Darya Smirnova caught up with ball director Amisha Vadalia to get the latest

AEPI runs for Anthony Nolan

George Wilder previews AEPI's upcoming charity beach run.

Throwback in the name of charity

Following last semester’s smashing success, Harvest Throwback will be returning to the Vic this Thursday 21 April. Hosted by Ashton Squires, the event promises...

The Saint’s Top 8

The Saint gives you its top picks for the coming weeks