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Saint Andrews
Monday, January 21, 2019

Under Canvas Launch Party

One of the most exciting events from last year had to be the new kid on the block, Under Canvas. This festival-themed night in...

Under Canvas 2014: Are you ready?

Under Canvas 2014 is back for its second year and everyone is talking about it...

Let the queuing begin: the KKC announce May Ball’s headlining acts

Samantha Marcus lets us know what to expect at this year's May Ball.

Kate Kennedy Club kicks off sixes

Although primarily known for this past weekend’s Procession and the always-anticipated Opening and May Balls, the Kate Kennedy Club hosts a variety of charitable...

Will this year’s Polo live up to last year’s hype?

The Saint gets an exclusive preview of one of St Andrews’ most anticipated events of the semester

Oktoberfest returns to St Andrews

Sitting down with das Komitee, Airashi Dutta gives The Saint the inside scoop on Oktoberfest 2015....

SITARA* promises a show full of “colour, soul and music”

Samantha Marcus catches up with the co-directors of St Andrews brightest fashion show on what to expect on the last catwalk of the season...

The Kate Kennedy Club sends us off in style

As its name suggests, the Kate Kennedy Club is an organisation founded in 1926 that seeks to maintain town and gown relations, support local...

St Paddy’s prepared to open spring break

Natasha Franks previews St Patrick's Day at the Rule.

Freshers’ Week 2014: Clan Warfare

What to expect from the second night of Freshers' 2014