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Saint Andrews
Friday, September 21, 2018

SAS goes from Snow Ball to Yurt Party

Antonia Ward investigates the newest Ski and Snowsport social endeavor, Yurt Party, coming to Station Park this spring...

By invitation only

Go behind the scenes of DONT WALK 2017.

St Andrews’ very own (model) United Nations Conference

If you've always fancied attending a United Nations Conference, the SaintMUN has got the answer...

SITARA* promises a show full of “colour, soul and music”

Samantha Marcus catches up with the co-directors of St Andrews brightest fashion show on what to expect on the last catwalk of the season...

Big Top is Back

Big Top Ball is back! Airashi Dutta previews the circus-themed extravaganza

Don’t Walk, run, for re-branded DW 2015

The Saint sits down with DW’s Head of Press, Emma Freer, to find out what we can expect this year from St Andrew’s most elusive fashion show.

RAG Week 2016: Discover this year’s round of events

Coming on the heels of Refreshers Week, RAG Week is the Charities Campaign’s magnum opus. Over the course of seven days, a number of...

IDEAS Conference: Powering the Future

The Carnegie Club of St Andrews (CC) will host the IDEAS Conference: Powering the Future on Friday 4 October from 9:15-16:00. Aimed at students...

The Kate Kennedy Club announces its annual Opening Ball

When? Saturday 4 October Where? Lower College Lawn, St Salvator’s Quad Price? £35 With Freshers’ Week and the start of another semester at St Andrews rapidly approaching, incoming...

Asquire & The Vic Presents: Harvest Throwback

"A great relief from Week 10-misery"