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Saint Andrews
Sunday, September 23, 2018

May Ball cometh

There is a certain beauty in the contrast between Opening Ball and May Ball. Dominated by freshers, Opening Ball opens the school year in...

Fashion shows of 2016: The Saint’s ranking

As London comes alive with passels of models, designers and aspiring journalists, the St Andrews sartorial scene takes noticeable strides to emulate the legendary...

FS celebrates 25th year in style

Runway season is nearly upon us, heralded by the return of the illustrious St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,...

The Adamson ft. Alasdair Todd

Natasha Franks previews the invitation-only launch of 500, Tuesday night's newest staple event.

Masquerade Ball brings a Latin flair to town

George Wilder previews Masquerade Ball, an exotic addition to our events scene.

Oktoberfest returns to St Andrews

Sitting down with das Komitee, Airashi Dutta gives The Saint the inside scoop on Oktoberfest 2015....

The Kate Kennedy Spring Procession returns for its 91st year

Natasha Franks previews the annual Kate Kennedy Spring Procession.

Will this year’s Polo live up to last year’s hype?

The Saint gets an exclusive preview of one of St Andrews’ most anticipated events of the semester

POLO 2018: Back and Bigger Than Ever

This week I got the chance to sit down with the St Andrews Polo committee, in preparation for the big event on Saturday 21...

The Tea House at the VIC: St Andrews’ new staple event?

In a month packed with fashion shows, an accessible alternative can be found in nights out at one of our four (potentially five, with...