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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

May Ball cometh

There is a certain beauty in the contrast between Opening Ball and May Ball. Dominated by freshers, Opening Ball opens the school year in...

St Andrews For Syria: bringing awareness to St Andrews

George Wilder previews St Andrews For Syria's upcoming panel discussion.

Feast of the Crusaders

Seeing as the Feast of the Crusaders is coming up next week, I thought I'd catch up with Mateusz Lackowski from the Shire of Caer...

The Saint’s Top 8

The Saint gives you its top picks for the coming weeks

The Saint’s Top 8

Deputy Events editor Lorna Keegan brings you the top eight events this week.

Explorers, entrepeneurs, writers: TEDx is back

Airashi Dutta previews the upcoming TEDx St Andrews.

Itchy Feet

The promise of “an evening of shivering, shaking, sipping, swapping, snapping, swinging and swigging like none other”

Dundee University Tower abseil

Summer vacation too long for you? Then, you need to get active for autism! The opportunity to abseil 140 feet from the top of Dundee University Tower is just the thing for you