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Saint Andrews
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Freshers’ Debate: This House Would Live Fast and Die Young

Catherine Fitzpatrick gives us a sneak peek at what's on the UDS table this week.

Full freshers’ week line-up revealed

The full list of Union events for freshers' week has now been announced

The New Saint at The Old Course

The latest addition to the must-attend list of freshers' week events has just been announced

Dundee University Tower abseil

Summer vacation too long for you? Then, you need to get active for autism! The opportunity to abseil 140 feet from the top of Dundee University Tower is just the thing for you

Freshers’ weekend line-up announced

Freshers' week events announced for 13 and 14 September

STARFIELDS: FS 2014 Launch Party

FS have just announced their launch party, STARFIELDS - a live music event on 14 September 2013 (the second Saturday of Freshers). The night will...

New this summer! Summer holiday club at the St Andrews Botanic...

The St Andrews Botanic Garden Education Trust is pleased to announce that they are opening their Gardens doors to school children over the summer...

600 Minutes of Radio: The Kebab Shop 10 Hour STAR Show

On Sunday 26 May, The Kebab Shop is undertaking a Marathon 600 Minute Radio show on STAR to raise money for the Your600th Scholarship...

TEDx University of St Andrews 2013

Cara Wonnacott speaks to Kian Schreiber and Jon Jachimowicz, organisers of TEDx St Andrews

600 Minutes of Swing

Swing Dance Society has been working hard this semester to promote its largest event, 600 Minutes of Swing. In the lead up, I managed...