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Saint Andrews
Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Ambassadors Ball

The Ambassadors Ball is the latest in the 600th anniversary events calendar. Darya Smirnova caught up with ball director Amisha Vadalia to get the latest

What are Circus Saturdays?

Jessica Yin gives us the lowdown on what to expect from the newest night in town...

Xavier Ball: “A better, brighter Bongo Ball”

If you, like me, have been spending long hours endlessly procrastinating, scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, it is more than likely that the words...

Starfields Preview

This year the Saint has the exclusive inside scoop on the hottest event of Freshers’ Week. We have been given the official press release...

Don’t Walk, run, for re-branded DW 2015

The Saint sits down with DW’s Head of Press, Emma Freer, to find out what we can expect this year from St Andrew’s most elusive fashion show.

Oktoberfest returns to St Andrews

Sitting down with das Komitee, Airashi Dutta gives The Saint the inside scoop on Oktoberfest 2015....

dRAG Walk: jewel of RAG Week

RAG week's hottest event is back by popular demand after it's blockbuster appearance in 2014. Cat Fomina offers a look at the most hyped event of Week Two...

The Saint’s Top 8

The Saint gives you its top picks for the coming weeks

#getunder: the Bubble’s one-night music festival

Lorna Keegan shares here excitement for year's upcoming Under Canvas festival

A Q&A with the creators of the Winning Women Conference

Meet the women behind the Winning Women Conference.