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Saint Andrews
Thursday, November 15, 2018

SITARA* stuns in glorious technicolour

Sitara* stunned on Friday night with an explosion of colour, creativity, zest, and zeal, like no other fashion show St Andrews has seen...

May Ball cometh

There is a certain beauty in the contrast between Opening Ball and May Ball. Dominated by freshers, Opening Ball opens the school year in...

Valentine’s day 2016: One Billion Rising

A valentine’s day revolution: the feminist society hosts the V-Day campaign’s inspiring event

Masquerade Ball brings a Latin flair to town

George Wilder previews Masquerade Ball, an exotic addition to our events scene.

May Ball may just have had it all

Natasha Franks shares her final review of the year, that of the Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball.

Noor: a charitable ray of light

Natasha Franks previews Noor, an upcoming spring charity festival.

Baccanalia: a wine enthusiast’s dream come true

Emily Lomax previews the newest event to hit St Andrews.

Would this house abolish the monarchy?

Jamie Rodney recaps the UDS's most highly-charged debate yet.

Battle of the bars

Melanie Gray compares the pros and cons of the Vic, Ma Bells and the Lizard.

AEPI runs for Anthony Nolan

George Wilder previews AEPI's upcoming charity beach run.