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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Gaudie Celebrates St Andrews’ Most Heroic Alumni Once Again

There are a great many words that I would choose to describe students at St Andrews. However, not all of them right for publication...

Gaudie 2016: the Kate Kennedy Club lights the way to May...

Natasha Franks shares the history of the Gaudie, one of St Andrews' most cherished traditions.

Classic meets classy at The Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball

Natasha Franks previews Opening Ball, the first black tie event of the year.

Sitara Model Launch showcases the ‘Fashion of the Future’

I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be walking into when I heard about the Sitara Model Launch. All I had heard about the...

Club 601: “the Union has done the impossible”

Jean Summers reviews the Union's new club, "601".

Sinners review: a worrying culture

The Saint reveals the troubling truth behind Sinners

“You can’t sit with us”: a story of exclusivity

Elischke de Villiers discusses invitation-only tickets, "random" table ballots, and VVIP seating.

Freshers’ Week 2014: Sinners Sport

Midway through Freshers' 2014, there's no sign that things will be slowing down

Milton Jones

Milton Jones was in St Andrews for one night only. Rachel Gillespie and Roisin Wherry review

Sitara* 2018: ‘An Unforgettable Night’

Sitara* promised St Andrews an unforgettable night. With their preview shows, cocktail nights and extensive pre-show coverage, it was hard not to expect the...