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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

DONT WALK: A phoenix from the ashes

After the unfortunate cancellation of the planned March 2nd event due to unforeseeable extreme weather conditions, DONT WALK rose up unmistakably renewed and untouched...

Welly Ball: Is Bigger Always Better?

‘So it’s a ball?’   ‘Yes’   ‘Another one?’   ‘Yes’   ‘But with Wellies?’   ‘Yes’   With this I had reduced yet another of my home friends to dazed confusion over the events culture...

Big Top Ball: they’re bringing circus back

It’s all about clowns, candy floss and the Charities Campaign with the committee and we can’t wait!

It’s time to get Wellied!

The Welly Ball is one of the most unique events featured in the festive calendar, and in the larger St Andrews social calendar. Set...

Freshers’ Week 2014: Ceilidh!

What can you look forward to from the fifth night of Freshers’ 2014?

The end of black tie and the rise of the anti-ball

St Andrews' nightlife has long been synonymous with black-tie events. Not anymore.

Tedx Speaker Launch 2016: a “classy affair”

Brianna Paterson reviews the highly anticipated Tedx speaker launch and gives a taste of what to expect at the event in April.

Welcome to the Bubble

The first night of Freshers' was a sell out, but was it the best night of your life or a no-go?

FS 2016: “Far more than your average night out”

This Saturday evening, thousands of students will converge on Lower College Lawn for one of the most anticipated events of the year. In its...

The Saint’s Top 8

The Saint presents our pick of the best events of the next two weeks.