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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Saint’s Top 8

Deputy Events editor Lorna Keegan brings you the top eight events this week.

The Saint’s Top 8

Lorna Keegan tells you where to be to make the most of weeks two and three. Whether you’re into fashion shows or talks, balls or tastings, she’s got your calendar covered!

The Saint’s Top Eight

The Saint lets you in on the top events of the next two weeks.

Moving Forward in the Eastern Congo Conference

Titled “Moving Forward in the Eastern Congo: Roles to be Played by the International Community”, St Andrews’ latest conference will be hosted by the...

On The Rocks’ Music Cafés end on a high note

Essentially acting as a talent agency for student artists, Music is Love is no stranger to collaborations. A long-standing partner of Under Canvas and...

Refreshers’: successful without Venue 1

The Union reminded us all what if felt like to be a Fresher with their hit lineup of Refreshers' 2015. See how the Union fared the second time around in the Candlemas semester